Shure Introduces New SRH Heaphone Models

Shure LogoSRH550DJ and SRH940 Professional Headphones

Shipping Mid-February!









From professional monitoring to personal listening, Shure headphones bring together dynamic, high-performance audio with unparalleled build quality.  A closed-back design minimizes background noise, while the lightweight construction provides sustained comfort that makes them ideal for any listening experience.

The new SRH550DJ an dSRH940 now offer customers a hobbyist DJ solution and a top-tier monitoring solution within the current SRH line.



  • Full range response with extended bass
  • Optimized for consumer devices as well as DJs
  • Closed back, supra-aural design
  • Collapsible headband with 90-degree swivel cups
  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Fixed cable



  • Accurate balanced frequency response w/ ample high end extension, tight bass and minimal distortion
  • Premium padded headband w/ 90-degree swivel cups
  • Closed-back circumaural design
  • Replaceable velour ear cup pads
  • Replaceable cables – coiled or straight

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