Shure AXIENT Wireless Management Network

“This was the most exciting new product unveiling that the NAMM show has seen in years!  Shure even had a separate booth dedicated to AXIENT and available only by appointment.  The AXIENT Wireless Management System brings to life several new technologies that have never been incorporated together before in a Wireless system.  The AXIENT AXT400 recievers can detect interference and automatically change to a clear, compatible frequency in milliseconds.  The handheld AXT200 transmitters are capable of transmitting on 2 frequencies simultaneously!  Either one of these features alone provides for rock solid RF performance but used together insures uninterrupted audio for mission-critical applications.  Another key feature is the transmitter remote control.  Not only can transmitter gain and other settings be adjusted from the receiver or network but via the Show Link Access control, the transmitter’s frequency can be changed remotely within milliseconds!  The AXT600 Wireless Spectrum Manager continuously monitors ALL UHF frequencies being used as well as planned backup frequencies and will automatically reassign and/or recommend compatible frequencies.  AXIENT is also its own network, compatible with UHFR+ and the soon to be released PSM1000’s, and with the new Wireless Workbench 6 software that will be available, allows unprecedented control of all your wireless systems.  And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg!  AXIENT is the coolest, most revolutionary Wireless product ever conceived – only from Shure!”



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