Shure PSM1000 Personal Monitor System

PSM1000 – Personal Monitor System

Available Spring 2011!

the purest sound. the clearest signal. the most control.

Key Features

  • 72 MHz Tuning Range – Vastly reduced inter-modulation, Front-End Band Filtering and Active Gain Control deliver more channels on air with fewer dropouts.
  • Dual Transmitter – Full-rack dual transmitter with internal daisy-chaining power supply simplifies integration with live performance wireless systems.
  • Bodypack Diversity – P10R bodypacks feature two antennas for the most effective signal preservation.
  • Rechargeable Power – Rechargeable battery system provides real-time data on power levels, charge history, and more.
  • Cue Mode – Remotely audition up to 20 mixes at the touch of a button
  • Enhanced Stereo Encoder – Wider stereo field with superb separation
  • Audio Reference Companding – Patented Shure technology provides the clearest PSM audio quality.
  • Scan & Sync – Find and assign channels easily, over wireless IR link, in seconds.
  • RF Mute – “Do Not Disturb” RF switch can disengage RF transmission to enable setup operations without disturbing the RF environment.
  • MixMode – Balance L/R output levels independently to create a personal mix for each bodypack.

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