Roland Systems Group Announces the M-480 48 Channel Live Digital Console

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Roland Systems Group Announces Two Exciting Additions to the V-Mixing System!

M-480 – 48 Channel Live Digital Mixing Console



The Flagship Console of the V-Mixing System

With superb sound quality, powerful functions, expandability and intuitive operation; the V-Mixing System continues to introduce new possibilities to the live mixing market. Now after its 2007 debut and as a direct response to actively listening to our users, the next generation V-Mixer has arrived. Equipped with a newly developed mixing engine, the M-480 provides an enhanced level of powerful and flexible audio processing.

The M-480 is the first V-Mixer to support a cascade connection that enables 96 channels of mixing by connecting a second unit – all via one simple Cat5e/6 cable. Supporting live events, mobile production, broadcasting, and sound installation the V-Mixing System with the M-480 V-Mixer at its heart provides a premium level of innovation for any live mixing venue.

The M-480 V-Mixer features:

  • 60 Mixing Channels: 48 mixing channels and 6 stereo returns
  • 16 Aux Busses, 8 Matrices
  • Full support for Mono, Stereo or LCR configurations.
  • Supports  90 inputs with up to 330 inputs using the S-4000M REAC Merge
  • 214 audio patch points including direct post pre-amp splits assignable to up to 90 discreet outputs
  • 4 Band “Advanced” Parametric EQ, Compressor, Gate and Delay on each Mixing Channel.
  • 4 Band “Advanced” Parametric EQ, Limiter and Delay on all Mix Busses
  • 6 Stereo Effects Processors including Roland Vintage Effects with dedicated effects returns
  • 12 Dedicated GEQ with 12 additional available from Effects Processors
  • 300 Scenes
  • User Layers, User Buttons and User Access Settings
  • M-48 Management


R-1000 48 Track Recorder/Player

Summer 2011!

The R-1000 is an intuitive stand alone, dedicated hardware recorder/player designed to fully integrate with the V-Mixing System in any live event or production. The R-1000 can also be digitally connected and used with any digital console that has MADI output capabilities by pairing it with the Roland S-MADI REAC MADI Bridge.

Use the R-1000 as a recorder for live events to capture up to 48 channels of discrete audio all as separate broadcast wave files (BWF) that are recorded to removeable hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) and are fully compatible with the DAW of your choice. In addition, recorded audio files can also be transferred via USB to a connected drive.

Virtual Sound Checks have become standard industry practice. The R-1000 greatly reduces sound check time for bands/productions travelling from venue to venue. Using a song previously recorded on the R-1000 or transferred from another DAW, simply switch to playback mode when arriving at a new venue and all the sources play back through the appropriate channels on the console. When integrated with the V-Mixing system, adjustments of the preamp gains on the console include gain compensation to the Digital Snake pre-amp.

The integrated playback functionality is also a powerful training tool for new console operators. Recordings of the actual band in the venue are used to practice mixing technics and learn the art of audio mixing. Playback functions are used to rehearse and perfect Scene settings in the console and tweak effects and other settings.

In a live performance, the R-1000 is the ideal playback device to augment the performers and musicians by selecting pre-recorded tracks and/or playing along to a click-track.

With the ability to sync to video with SMPTE (LTC), black burst and RS-232 make the R-1000 an ideal choice for large channel count location sound recording as well as providing high channel count playback in theaters and amusement parks.

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