Shure Apps Tech Tip – VP68 Omni Wireless Mic Capsule and Its Attributes

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Shure Apps Tech Tip  – VP68 Omnidirectional Wireless Mic Capsule and Its Attributes

The Shure VP68 wireless mic capsule, introduced in June 2011, is sold as the model RPW124.  The VP68 audio pick-up pattern is omnidirectional (“all directions”), so the mic can be held upside down, or sideways, and the talker will still be heard.  This is a useful attribute when the mic is spoken into by a person that typically does not use a mic, e.g., an audience member asking a question, a family member giving a wedding toast, or a citizen addressing the city council.

Other useful attributes of the VP68 omnidirectional mic capsule are:

1) Minimal wind noise when used outdoors.

2) Minimal handling noise as the user touches or moves the mic.

3) Minimal “P” popping when the user speaks words beginning with “P”, “B”, or “T”.

4) No proximity effect [excessive bass] when the mic is positioned close to the mouth.

These forgiving attributes are beneficial for the novice mic user, plus these attributes improve the intelligibility of the spoken word.

 Link to the Shure Technical FAQ on this topic:

 Arcana – mysterious or specialized knowledge. Shure Applications Engineering is full of it.

A Shure omnidirectional microphone, the SM11, was installed in every NASA Space Shuttle.  The mic monitored the deafening sound level of the solid fuel booster rockets, and triggered a mechanism that captured the rocket exhaust gases for analysis after the Shuttle returned to Earth.  During the entire Shuttle program from 1981 to 2011, there was only one reported failure of the SM11, and this was due to the mic cable being pulled too tight by a service technician.  The Shure Archives contains an SM11 mic that flew on multiple Shuttle missions.

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