QSC Introduces the Core 250i/500i

Shipping Spring 2012

QSC Audio has announced the next generation of Q-Sys products, designed specifically to deliver powerful digital networked audio solutions for the widest range of applications.

The new Core 500i and Core 250i provide advanced centralized processing, routing and control for contractors and consultants needing a solution for smaller venues such as restaurants, nightclubs, stores, schools and churches.

 These two new Core models are fully integrated solutions, each with I/O  eight card slots on-board. The Core500i is capable of up to 128 (flexible) network channels while the Core 250i provides up to 64 (flexible) channels. I/O is selectable via the various Q-Sys I/O cards. Options also include the MTP-64, and MTP-128 multitrack players.

 Like all Q-Sys Cores, these systems run under a customized Linux operating system on Intel microprocessors and motherboards. IT connectivity is easily implemented utilizing Layer 3 Gigabit networking protocols and standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware.

 The systems are capable of providing simple and fail-safe redundancy for mission-critical applications. Q-Sys cores are configured using an intuitive object-based drag and drop user interface that provides for the creation of nearly any imaginable signal flow. Control logic objects are provided and custom scripting may also be used to accomplish a wide range of interface or control tasks. The design GUI is capable of quickly and easily generating graphical control screens that may be run on network-connected computers, tablet devices or QSC touch-screen controllers.

 QSC has also announced that Acoustic Echo Cancelling will be included with a new version of Qsys Designer software to be released this spring as well.  The Core500i will be capable of 32 channels of AEC and the Core250i will be capable of 16 channels of AEC.

 Also coming this spring is the I/O-22 analog I/O box. It is a compact, standalone unit designed for widely distributed audio sources or destinations such as individual rooms in a multi-room venue (judicial chambers, classrooms, VIP suites, etc.)

 It provides two mic/line inputs and two line outputs and connects directly to the Gigabit Ethernet network. It is powered by PoE or 24 VDC and includes an 8.5 watt mono amplifier and mounting plate for discreet and compact installation.


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